Public Storage (NYSE:PSA), proving to be a solid investment

In a recent article featured on Income Investors, By Robert Baillieul, Public Storage (NYSE:PSA), has been described as a solid investment, that provides substantial dividend income for investors.

Public Storage Has Delivered 32 Straight Years of Dividends If you review past articles on Income Investors, you might spot a common theme: the best-performing stocks are often those of quiet, unassuming businesses that throw off steady income.You can see this in names like Ecolab Inc. (NYSE:ECL) (cleaning supplies), Paychex, Inc.(NASDAQ:PAYX) (payroll processing), and Waste Management, Inc. (NYSE:WM) (trash collection).

None of these companies make for the best conversation around the office water cooler. But because they provide essential services and enjoy entrenched market positions, they throw off large, growing dividends to their investors.

Public Storage (NYSE:PSA). Over the past few decades, this partnership has quietly acquired thousands of self-storage warehouses. And while the firm hasn’t received much press coverage, there might be no better business in the world, especially if you like earning globs of dividend income.”



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