Industry improvements in response to Coronavirus Outbreak

Most businesses are looking for ways to function more effectively with current restrictions and recommendations from our public health officials.  In an effort to embrace these recommendations CubeSmart and Janus International have made some recent announcements/improvements that are certain to advance the way some storage facilities do business during the current pandemic.

Understanding the need for contact free customer experiences; CubeSmart has released a proprietary SmartRental platform that allows new customers to rent their units online, from start to finish. Users can choose their space, sign their lease, pay and move in, all without in-person contact, according to a press release. The whole process should take less than five minutes via any Web-enabled device, according to a new press release.

Now available at the company’s New Jersey locations, the service will be rolled out nationwide in the coming weeks, according to a recent press release.

Recognizing the need for  touch free solutions; Janus International, a global manufacturer and supplier of building components and security technology for the self-storage industry, has added an all-in-one, external unit-door lock to its suite of smart-entry products. Nokē One is a retrofit solution for self-storage operators who want to enhance and update their access-control system, according to a press release.

The bluetooth smart lock fits onto self-storage swing and roll-up doors, eliminating the need for padlocks, door hasps, keys and gate codes. Tenants can access the property and their individual units using their mobile devices. They can also view their access activity and share digital keys. Customers can rent a unit online, access the facility and move into their unit, all without having to visit the management office.

Since launching its Nokē Smart Entry System in 2018, Janus has installed it at 200-plus facilities in eight countries. The product allows tenants to access facility gates, man-doors, elevators and units from their smart device.

Modern advancements are oftentimes brought on by adverse situations.  We envision both new technologies will prove useful long after the threat of Covid-19 has dissipated.



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